[ W H O  A M  I ? ]

TDS is owned and operated by Krissie Zambrano.
But who exactly is the woman behind these creative designs?
Let's take a closer look:

Krissie is:
// a mechanical design engineer
// a dog mom
// a basketball player
[hint: only two of these are true]

Krissie enjoys:
// olympic weightlifting
// food (both eating and cooking)
// proving people wrong
[hint: all of these are true ^_~]

Krissie has lived in:
// California
// New York
// Louisiana
[New Orleans has her heart,
but Metairie has her wallet...]

If I were Krissie, I would describe her as
but also...
helpful and nurturing

And I am Krissie.
So...that's pretty accurate!

She won over her boss
in an interview
by saying,
"I can do anything!"
and she hasn't looked back since.